Reasons I’m not coming down from here

I came up here and then remembered I’m scared of heights. Hint: I’m not the confident-looking one.
  • It took three people about twenty minutes of coaxing, boosting and pulling to get me up here. They should get their money’s worth – it seems an awful waste if I come down now.
  • I can actually see things from up here. I’m 5’1”. Being able to see things other than everyone else’s elbows is a novelty. This is fun!
  • You know, this is actually a lot higher than it looked from down there, and it looked pretty damn high from down there. I’m really high up. I’m having strong feelings about this.
  • I don’t think I thought this through properly. I actually don’t really know how to get down. I don’t think I can. Oh god help me I’m stuck I can’t get down
  • No, it’s fine. I like it up here anyway. I am embracing my new life in the sky. Can someone maybe bring me some protein snacks and a sleeping bag?

(image by Violeta Beral)


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